Notebuuk stationery photoNotebuuk stationery photoNotebuuk stationery photo
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Taking up where my bachelor’s thesis left off, notebuuk–a new stationery brand of Czech handmade planners and journals–is a side project of mine. If typography, interaction design & front-end development are my key areas of expertise, DIY screen printing and bookbinding take over outside business hours, so to speak. Something to put my eyes at ease, my hands to use and my mind to snooze grew into one of my biggest passions.

Notebuuk stationery photo
Notebuuk promotional poster
Notebuuk planner detailNotebuuk planner detailNotebuuk planner detail
Notebuuk stationery photo

A desire to figure out everything by myself and a thirst for learning dictated the process. Researching the bookbinding techniques, sourcing the papers, ordering screen-printing kits and piecing it all together was a rewarding (albeit exhausting) operation—myself and Tereza Čižmárová–whom I collaborated with during the early stages of notebuuk–being the sole authors of everything shown here.

Tereza Čižmárová
October, 2014—December, 2015
Notebuuk stationery photo
Notebuuk branding elements
Detail of Notebuuk blind embossed cloth coverHand-stitched bindingHandmade custom screen printing
Notebuuk sketchbook covers